How worried should Boris Johnson be by the Conservative Party’s

The Labour leadership believes that the Prime Minister has set his government challenges that it will be unable to meet.  The day the polls turned? A series of surveys taken around or since the government’s announcement of tax rises have shown that the Conservatives’ lead is falling, or, in the case of YouGov, being wiped out entirely.  

Does it matter? Well, it matters about as much as any of the following: Donald Trump’s poll lead in January 2020, when a booming economy looked set to gift him re-election; the Israeli political party Likud’s poll lead during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the government’s handling of the crisis appeared to have allowed Benjamin Netanyahu to make yet another political comeback; or the comfortable poll lead Justin Trudeau had when he called a snap election a little under a month ago. Or, closer to home, it matters about as much as the dead heat between Labour and the Conservatives in England in December 2020, or the weak position of the Welsh Labour Party at the start of the devolved election.

  • How worried should Boris Johnson be by the Conservative Party’s falling poll ratings?

    • Very worried
    • A little worried
    • Not at all

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Written by Fenella Rufaro

Fenella Ruafro has been a film critic for Word Crew since 2013. She is the author of “Nobody’s Perfect.”

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